Quill-like shoulder piece

Metalsmithing/Jewelry at the University of Kansas

A variety of studio design courses are offered, including jewelry design, holloware, enameling, rendering, professional practices, gemology and historical seminars. Students may choose an elective or major course of study. Each student has personal workspace and locker facilities. Students may choose a design direction that best complements their personal professional goals. Based on each graduate's individual needs, they may choose a professional direction from a variety of areas, including CAD design for the jewelry and metalsmithing industry, retail or wholesale jewelry business, commission work, gemology, trade shop, custom design studio, teaching, or consulting.


  • Work space for 16 students
  • Patina area
  • Soldering area- gas/air torches, acetylene torches with Smith handpiece and tip
  • Plate shear
  • Small drill press
  • Stakes, hammers, handtools
  • Anvil
  • Workspace for 16 students
  • Soldering area- gas/air torches, mini torch, acetylene torch with Smith handpiece and tips
  • Anvil
  • Aluminum anodizing bath, titanium anodizing
  • Galvanic etching baths
  • Uni-mat lathe
  • Casting area
    • Rubber vulcanizer
    • Wax steamer
    • Wax injector
    • Investment machine
    • Oxy/acetylene torch
    • Vacuum casting machine
    • Centrifugal casting machine
    • Devesting machine
    • Kerr electromelt
    • Two large Paragon burn-out kilns
  • Large selection of smithing stakes
  • Specialized hammers and forming stakes
  • Four Anvils
  • Box bender
  • Cylinder roller
  • Beverly shear
  • Draw Bench and Plates
  • Basic blacksmithing equipment
  • Portable gas forge
  • Deep draw hydraulic press
  • Powder rolling mill
  • Air planisher
  • Large annealing torch
  • Oxy/natural gas torch
  • Oxy/acetylene torch for gas welding
  • TIG welder
  • Large Copper electro-forming tank
  • Plating baths for silver, gold, nickel
  • Raytech magnetic centrifugal finisher
  • Computer workstations equipped with Matrix 9 and Rhino CAD
  • REVO 5 Axis CNC milling machine
  • Form 3 by Formlabs
  • Solus DLP 3D printer
  • Grinder 
  • Beadblaster 
  • Double-station buffing machine for steel,  
  • Two double-station buffing machines,  
  • Small and large belt sanders,  
  • Abrasive wheels 
  • Investment machine 
  • Dedicated vent for investing and Powder Coating 
  • Ultrasonic cleaner  
  • One vibratory and one large tumbler 
  • Work space for twelve students 
  • Four Vcella kilns 
  • Paragon kiln 
  • Paragon SC-2 Kiln  
  • Titanium anodizing 
  • GRS workbench for stone setting and engraving, an  
  • Orion Pulse Arc Microwelder  
  • Small library 
A model in all black walks the catwalk wearing an elaborated gold body piece.

BFA student Charity Poole models her piece "Adapation III" at the SNAG Conference.

Students use computers in the metalsmithing lab

Visiting Assistant Professor Sunyoung Cheong's class works in the Metalsmithing/Jewelry Lab.

Erick Morales Scholz hammers on a piece of copper

Instructor Erick Morales Scholz hammers a piece of copper in the Advanced Metals Room.

BFA in Metalsmithing/Jewelry

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing/Jewelry is a four-year, 120 credit hour immersive course of study of the Metalsmithing/Jewelry medium.



Metalsmithing/Jewelry Courses