Edgar Heap of Birds Family Gallery

A variety of paintings hang on two perpendicular walls. On the floor is a pedestal with a small sculpture on it.
Faculty Show at the Art & Design Gallery

Edgar Heap of Birds Family Gallery

Located on the third floor of Chalmers Hall, the Edgar Heap of Birds Family Gallery serves as a teaching space. Students from the department, as well as from the university at large, are exposed to art by their peers, visiting and regional artists, and faculty members. Many Visual Art students experience installing and exhibiting their work in a gallery setting for the first time in this space. The gallery is free and open to the public. Gallery hours, during exhibitions, are generally Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm unless posted otherwise on the KU Calendar and social media. Exceptions would be opening or closing receptions, which are usually held on Fridays in the evening. Receptions are promoted via KU Calendar, newsletter, and social media.

Quilted pieces hang from the ceiling, in the background a large glass wall is painted with purple squares

Kadie Nugent's Thesis Show in the gallery.

A person takes in the large colorful and abstract paintings hanging in the gallery

A student takes in the large scale paintings of Jenn Erwin.

Large painted heads depicting Thomas Jefferson and Mark Twain sit in front of a treehouse like structure. Drawings are clothes pined to string behind them.

An immersive show in the Art & Design Gallery.


The Edgar Heap of Birds Family gallery is primarily a teaching/learning space for the direct use of the faculty and students in Visual Art and those in Design.

The following guidelines are set forth to clarify the responsibilities of the Gallery staff and Exhibitors.

  • Title cards for work
  • A ladder, hammers, and picture hanging hooks
  • Maintenance of the gallery including lights, floors, walls, etc.
  • Security personnel for the gallery during open hours
  • An annual promotional poster listing the coming year’s exhibition dates that is mailed to regional schools, newspapers, and other agencies each August
  • To provide local Exhibit Coordinator, or “agent,” for the exhibition who is solely responsible for the installation and removal of artwork – including shipping, if the exhibitor is unable to be present
  • To deliver work that is completely ready to be hung (wire attached, framed under glass or plexi if necessary, etc.)
  • To assume financial liability for any damage to the facility occurring as a direct result of the installation
  • To assume responsibility for the return of pedestals and cleanup of debris left after dismantling the show
  • To provide any publicity materials (cards, invitations, posters, announcements, etc.)
  • To provide labels for artwork
  • To promptly deliver and hang work so as not to delay the opening schedule
  • To promptly remove all work on the close date – we accept no responsibility for work left unclaimed after the closing date
  • Insurance for work placed in the Art & Design Gallery
  • Secure storage space for work delivered before the installation day, or secure storage for work left after the show has finished
  • Any individual promotional materials – cards, invitations, etc.
  • Postage for any promotional materials
  • Shipping costs or handling
  • Framing supplies
  • Refreshments

The Gallery Committee is responsible for assisting in the installation of shows. A rough schedule detailing the responsibilities of an exhibitor in the Gallery follows:

  • Approximately two months prior to the show date, consider whether an announcement will be created. Any promotional materials beyond the annual gallery poster will be solely the exhibitor’s responsibility.
  • Two to three weeks before the opening date, contact the gallery assistant to discuss the schedule for hanging. Generally, all shows come down on a Friday afternoon (from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and a new show is hung Saturday (beginning at 9:00 a.m.). Exhibits open on Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Opening receptions may take place on either Sunday or Monday. Let the gallery assistant know if any pedestals or other furniture or media equipment will be needed. If announcements will be sent, they should be mailed out during this time. If local newspapers or agencies need to be notified of the even, contact them at this time.
  • Works must be delivered to the Gallery completely ready for hanging. We do not encourage work to be mailed or shipped to the Gallery. If extraordinary circumstances prevail, arrangements must be made and approved by the Gallery Committee. The local “agent” or Exhibit Coordinators must assume all responsibility for the work’s arrival, hanging or installation, and removal, including return shipping. The Exhibition Coordinator must then coordinate all installation activity with the gallery assistant.
  • Any work that exceeds the height limit of the Gallery’s 28’ lift; the exhibitor will be fully responsible for renting & paying for a 34’ ladder or a larger lift from Anderson Rental.
  • One week before the show, contact the gallery assistant and confirm all details for the exhibition. Arrange a time to meet in the Gallery on Saturday to begin installation.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for all labels. They may be attached to the walls or pedestals. Use only 3M double-sided tape (not foam tape) to protect walls and pedestals. The Gallery is not a sales gallery, so please do not include prices on labels. A separate price list may be supplied and we will discreetly help you contact the interested party.
  • Exhibitors are solely responsible for any promotional materials, posters, announcements, flyers, bios, price lists, etc.
  • Receptions may be held on the opening Sunday or the Monday after the show opens. Receptions are held in the lobby – inform gallery staff if you will need a table. Any refreshments (including napkins, plates, cups, etc.) must be provided by the exhibitory. NOTE: NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PERMITTED ON THE KU CAMPUS.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for leaving the Art & Design Gallery in the shape in which they found it. They are responsible for the removal of pedestals and the cleanup of rubbish or debris. The gallery assistant will be responsible for the exhibitor’s final checkout and must enforce that the gallery be left in a reasonable state.

Agreement to exhibit in the Gallery implies acceptance of these responsibilities.