Lecturer Luke Jordan instructs class

Foundations at the University of Kansas

The Foundations Program is an integral part of the first year experience for Visual Art majors. All undergraduate students, including B.F.A., B.A., and B.A.E., must complete two semesters (12 credit hours) of foundations before beginning upper level studio classes. The aim of Art Concepts and Practice and Art Principles and Practice is to provide experiences that build creativity, knowledge, and skill to successfully communicate visual ideas. Foundation drawing courses provide a focused setting for learning to translate objects into visual form. This translation from object to form is the single most essential tool that all artists rely on, regardless of medium or artistic direction.

Drawing students work on a large drawing.

A student works on a drawing.

Charcoal drawing of the skeletal system

A charcoal drawing from Art 101.

a stack of paper cranes

An exploration of form using paper cranes from Art 103.


Foundations Courses