Expanded Media

Still shot of Bryce Heesacker's projection of "Between Gods and Dogs"
Bryce Heesacker, between Gods and Dogs, 2020

Expanded Media at the University of Kansas

Expanded Media is characterized by a dedication to innovative forms of artistic expression and conceptual approaches to art, the pursuit of which lies beyond any one medium. The availability and growth of media technologies have resulted in a fundamental rethinking of the boundaries of disciplines. This is embraced as representing unique opportunities for students. The area provides a solid foundation for those who wish to integrate time-based ideas and technology into their art making process.

Comprised of Performance Art, Installation Art, Digital Strategies and Intermedia, Expanded Media provides an environment for students who wish to experiment and create interdisciplinary multiple media works often associated with various technologies. Expanded Media emphasizes the idea and process of expanding techniques. It embraces collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches. Work is grounded in an exploration of new forms with an understanding that it provides the potential to open creative possibilities with all medias, which mirror and embody one's artistic vision.


828 square feet + storage area

The Core Studio functions as a flexible and reconfigurable seminar room and production space that incorporates tools and technologies for the making and showing of work. Key aspects of the facilities include:

• A professional sound booth equipped with professional microphones and attendant computing station for recording and editing audio that includes a MIDI Keyboard and professional monitoring speakers.

• An Epson SureColor P20000 Archival Inkjet Printer with capacity for 64" wide printing on a variety of media.

• iMac Pro computer workstations that incorporate updated versions of the Adobe Production Suite, Autodesk Animation/Modeling Programs, Signal Culture Video Applications, Max MSP, and evolving software needs.

•A "Blue Screen" wall for chroma keying and quick production needs. 

•A permanent installed projector with sound and screen for teaching and presentation. 

Other Equipment Available for check-out include:

Blackmagic 6K Pocket Cinema Cameras, HD Camcorders, RAID Drives, professional lighting kits, tripods, video projectors, mobile sound equipment, DSLR Photo Cameras, speakers, audio mixers, PA equipment, microphones, portable digital audio recorders, media players, vintage and contemporary video monitors/screens, sensor kits, green screens, scanners, Arduinos, and much, much more. 

803 sq. feet + storage area

  • An open ‘clean’ space with controlled lighting that is used for class and/or individual installation projects, class meetings, performance presentations, etc.
  • Movable theatrical lights for performances.
  • Movable walls for installation projects and performance configurations.

185 square feet equipped with 10 iMac Pro Workstations equipped with updated versions of the Adobe Production Suite, Autodesk Animation/Modeling Programs, Signal Culture Video Applications, Max MSP, and evolving software needs.

"The Word that Binds Them" - Bryce Heesacker

The Word That Binds Them invites viewers to gently interact with twelve famous books. This work began with an examination of books that have been elevated to a sacred or authoritative status by religious, political, and academic systems.
Sam Balbuena, Rachel Brown, Will Funk, Sydney Pursel, and Zach Zielke installing a pattern on the floor

Sam Balbuena, Rachel Brown, Will Funk, Sydney Pursel, Zach Zielke, Quotidian (in-progress), 2015

An installation of colorful, overlapping panes of plastic

Madi Elpers, Lisa Holton, Millie Jones, Duan Yu, Installation, 2017

Hands hold shimmery purple tinsel, strung from the ceiling.

Darian Bequette, Motion, 2018


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