A sculpture made of pink foam and wood.

Sculpture at the University of Kansas

Sculpture is an ever-expanding field where objects, materials, actions, sites, and contexts can be deeply explored. Across this liberated platform, the Sculpture Area attunes our students to the critical, philosophical, and technical conditions that shape the vital landscape of art making today.

Our curriculum empowers students through the development of foundational skills in three-dimensional design while building meaningful approaches to material, object, and site-based practices. Students are encouraged to continue this trajectory towards expansive, interdisciplinary, and individualized approaches to art making and expression. The outcome of such study is a practical set of skills that are transferable to a wide range of career paths within, adjacent to and beyond the field and practice of art. 

The Sculpture Area encompasses a porous ecosystem of production facilities, including wood and metal fabrication shops, mold-making and casting areas, a foundry, an open sculpture studio and tool lending library, as well as a robust digital fabrication lab. Faculty and Staff Technicians provide dynamic instruction and hands-on experiences for students while emphasizing safety and best practices while engaging with traditional processes and emerging technologies. 


  • Combustion furnace for bronze and aluminum
  • Ceramic shell and plaster investment,
  • Steam out mould processing
  • Sand blast cabinet
  • Full safety equipment for all operations
  • MIG, TIG, and Stick welding equipment
  • Plasma Cutter
  • Oxy-acetylene Torches
  • Slip Roller
  • English Wheel
  • Drill Press
  • Sanders/Grinders
  • Vented patination area
  • Vented wax working area
  • Tool Crib with die grinders, clamps, angle grinders, hand tools, etc.
  •  4’X8’ Techno Titan CNC router with automatic tool change spindle
  • StopSaw cabinet table saw, left tilting motor
  • 14” throat band saw
  • Rikon 19” throat band saw
  • Drill press
  • Delta 40” bed machine wood lathe
  • Panel saw
  • Powermatic 8” jointer
  • Powermatic 20” planer
  • Machine sanders: large disc/vertical belt, small disc/vertical belt, horizontal belt
  • DeWalt sliding compound miter saw
  • Wood finishing supplies and equipment
  • Sharpening station and equipment
  • Wood vises and wood working table
  • Well stocked tool crib: power & manual hand tools:
    • Carving: gouges, chisels, adzes, axes, hatchet
    • Wood veneer working tools
    • Plaster working tools
    • Saws, hammers, general manual tools
    • Chainsaws, gas and electric
    • Wide range clamping equipment
    • Measuring and marking equipment
    • Worm drive and direct drive circular saws
    • Wood turning equipment
    • Six DeWalt cordless drills
    • Hammer Drill
    • Stone Carving and finishing tools
    • Electric hand planer, biscuit jointer
  • Truck bed grade loading dock accessibility
  • 10 foot garage door, ground level loading area
  • Eye-wash and First Aide station
  • Compressed air and water facilities
  • In class video monitor and projection screen lecture facilities
  • Blunger
  • Slipomatic casting slip mixer

Private and semi-private studios for advanced student use.

A group work in the courtyard

A class prepares for an iron pour.

A student welds

A student welds a metal frame together.

A group gathers around a large table

A sculpture class meets in the sculpture wood shop.


Sculpture Courses