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MFA Program Graduate Students


Sarah Pickett Third-Year Printmaking 

Much of Sarah’s art is influenced and inspired by her science background. Majoring in biology and doing plant research helped her understand both how different organisms work physiologically, and how they can interact with each other. It is more important than ever to have an interdisciplinary approach to learning and research; connecting science and art opens up a door for ideas to be shared in new and creative ways.

Dani Ramirez Third-Year Painting and Drawing

Dani Ramirez is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Aguascalientes, Mexico. Dani’s work explores spirituality, human interconnectivity, death, and the afterlife through multi-cultural perspectives. Is spirituality an inherent part of nature itself? Is spirituality an experience created in the complexity of neurons and electrical signals in our brains? Icons from different cultures, Sacred Geometry motifs, gold leaf accents, patterns, technology, and found materials are a common theme.


Nicole Rene Woodard Third-Year Ceramics

My current body of work explores reflections of being, grief, and memory. These works are illusionary – the ceramic forms work as a canvas for drawing – to push the boundary between what is tangible and in-tangible. While the figure is present, the images only exists at surface level on the ambiguous forms.


Dora Agbas Second-Year Textiles and Fibers

I work with fiber, thread and cloth. I am engaged in manipulating materials to express my feelings about my environment. Fibers follow us not only from birth to death, but from the dawn of human culture. I am fascinated by tribal cultures and the earliest human artistic expressions. Working with fibers to create form and meaning make me feel connected to people who lived before written history.


Mark “Fitz” Fitzsimmons Second-Year Expanded Media



I am subverting the surface perceptions that support our societal power dynamic. Using charged objects, shiny surfaces, or high contrasting elements to disguise meanings, I’m implementing different tactics to expose a viewer’s true self. Are they nationalists and fascists? Progressives or conservatives? I want the audience to re-examine their biases.


Sadie Goll Second-Year Printmaking